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Generico tamiram 750mg 5 This is my favorite flavor and I use it in nearly every mix there is, my go to combo! 5 Darkside #1 I find this flavor to be the "BEST" and gives my tobacco a little flavor boost. Great for a change of pace. I found this flavor to be the best for most part and I will likely purchase it again. Thank You Flavorah 5 My Favorite This is by far my favorite vape, it gives tobacco a great smokey flavor and slight sweet after taste that is just heavenly! Great price. I found that liked it more Where can i buy diflucan one as a mix than dry, but dry is perfect for a blend like this. This is a must for any vaper! Best tasting tobacco flavor at this price I'm usually the one for cheaper/less flavor tobacco flavors, but the Dark Side is just so good, I can't help but get it whenever I order from here. Great flavor This seems like it might be Tamiram 10 20mg - $97 Per pill a bit harsh for the price, but it's perfect. tobacco flavor is there with an extra hint of sweetness. You get the nic hit with flavor hit. Highly recommended Perfect! My favorites is dark side of the moon!!!! It tastes just like this amazing flavor!! great flavor best tobacco i have ever tasted dark side oh my god! I purchased this as a 5 mil sample, but my boyfriend started vaping on the night that I found this juice. bought him enough to try and I have never been happier. His first draw was a mix of the most delicious tobacco, and a slight hint of cream. This flavor just continues to tantalize me every time I vape it. It can make any style/age of cake vape delicious. Just right I like to try different flavors but have been unable to find a tobacco flavor with smooth throat hit. I had this on my list of flavors so I had to pick it. It delivers the flavor, a nice subtle sweet and smooth Ezetimibe fda dissolution throat hit. Highly recommended Amazing flavor I couldn't believe this vape flavor was so cheap but it is great right out of the bottle. It tastes like you smoking one of these beautiful qual o generico do remedio tamiram vapes. I like creamy and sweet fruity flavors, this one isn't too sweet but the flavor lasts all day. I love dark side. Won't quit. I tried this one from a sample pack, let it steep, and ordered 120 ml which I have just now tried it again with flavors wasn't steeped. Best tobacco you'll ever taste. Will not stop vaping it. WOW!!! This stuff smells amazing. And i've decided to order 6 bottles of it in the flavors ervice best tobacco flavor ive ever had I love the taste of dark side tobacco as an addition to my other flavors. I make it my daily juice along with the rest of dragon juice they have and so far had one bad taste to an unflavored 50vg.5pg mixed for 30ml. I have a hard time finding good dark side tobacco flavor to purchase and am so happy I finally found it. It goes great with my other generico do tamiram 500 dragon juice. Very strong tasting flavor. This is no ordinary tobacco flavor but the one I was looking for, really great! Cant Beat This First time I tried the dark side, I'm not sure if it was just a bad batch or I was just really excited to try it. But the second time I tried dark side, will be making it a daily for sure! I have ordered it in samples from them and this 60vg/40pg mixes very well on it coil. I have not found a juice from vendor that this mix will not work nicely with.

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